Research Services

Would you like help with your research?

3C Institute researchers work closely with small businesses and nonprofits to successfully navigate the research process, from securing funding to designing your study to presenting your findings.

Our consultation, analysis, and reporting services include:

  • Social, emotional, & behavioral health expertise
  • Research study design & implementation
  • Product testing for feasibility, usability, & acceptability
  • Data collection, analysis, & reporting
  • SBIR grant application & submission

See example projects and pricing below.

We can help you:

Get Started

Not sure where to begin? We can advise you on the grant application process and how to conduct your research study. Consultation services start at $500.

Find Funding

We can identify grant sources or fully prepare and submit your application. Cost sharing for grant writing is available for joint submissions.

Secure IRB Approval

We will prepare and submit your Institutional Review Board (IRB) application and help you stay compliant throughout your study.

Design Your Study

Our researchers will help you decide which questions to answer and how, including survey selection, recruitment, and data collection.

Communicate Results

We can collect, manage, and analyze your data and prepare a summary report of findings to present to your target audience.

Example projects & pricing:

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Examples below are estimates. Contact us at 888-598-0103 or to get started.


Client: Nonprofit for Social Good

  • Developed research hypotheses
  • Selected measures
  • Built & deployed surveys
  • Collected & analyzed data
  • Summarized & reported results

Total Cost: $6,050


Client: Small Business

  • Identified funding source
  • Secured IRB approval
  • Prepared budget
  • Completed all forms
  • Submitted full application

Total Cost: $12,500


Client: Small Business

  • Designed observational study
  • Collected product evaluations
  • Conducted focus groups
  • Secured IRB approval
  • Analyzed & interpreted findings

Total Cost: $14,900

Contact us at 888-598-0103 or to discuss how we can support your research needs.